Step into our Boots.

Gyptech mixer boots are made from customer specific molds and crafted by gypsum industry professionals.

Our unique process and innovative chemical composition means you will receive flexible, durable and consistently high quality boots, designed for exceptional performance in the gypsum industry.

Play safe — only trust genuine Gyptech brand spare parts and Gyptech approved aftermarket parts.


Gyptech OEM mixer boots are made by Gyptech professionals to meet the highest quality standards.

Gyptech’s carefully engineered process ensures you get the most durable mixer boot with long life. The highest grade plastisol is used in the making of our boots, our process has allowed us to

  • Increase shelve life (no premature hardening, eliminates concerns with stocking for long periods before using)
  • Increase boot flexibility and create the ideal boot thickness to meet your specific needs, most common is 0.125

Our unique boot body with a flat spot design helps with “self-cleaning” improves and increases wider slurry discharge, and helps slurry to match paper speed sooner, all these aid in better board caliper.

We have many standard sizes available, in single leg or dual leg designs, but we would like to help you build your custom mixer boot. Call us and set up a time to discuss your needs or to discuss sizing of your mixers gate to boot system — we are here to help improve your mixers performance.

For more information and solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our customer service representatives.