Walk a straight line
with Gyptech.

A Gyptech paper-handling alignment can true your equipment to an industry-best standard. A quality alignment can reduce paper breaks, bad edges, wrinkling, poor splices, damaging vibrations and costly downtime — ensuring your net sellable yield is optimized. It just makes good business sense.

When it comes time to align, either as a preventative measure or in an emergency situation, put your trust in Gyptech. After all, we understand gypsum equipment better than anyone. Period.


Why should you get your equipment aligned?

You cannot always tell if your equipment is misaligned.  Seemingly small issues can have a major impact on the quality of your board, or worse, can cause an unplanned plant shutdown.

Some of the damaging symptoms of misalignment include:
  • Failed or poor splicing
  • Paper tracking issues resulting in uneven tension in face and back papers
  • Paper breaks
  • Lack of edge control / difficulty keeping papers on center
  • Level issues with board line rollers having an impact on the core
  • Premature wear to forming belt and other equipment

Proper alignment, which helps to improve up-time, product quality, and raw material waste, can result in a dramatic savings of both time and money.

What happens at an alignment service?

Prior to service:

  • Certified Technician will have a consultation and provide expert advice
  • We will be flexible and work around your shutdown schedule
  • Can coincide with other services you may need
  • Complete required Plant Safety training. Safe practices will be followed at all times!
  • The existing offset baseline adjacent to the Board Line will be investigated and verified (if necessary) to be parallel to the machine centerline before alignment begins.
  • Real-time alignment adjustment support.  A Gyptech alignment team member can work with plant maintenance personnel or Gyptech can provide qualified mechanical personnel to make the required equipment alignment corrections

Board Line Belt Conveyor, Live Roll & Knife Alignment:

  • Each belt conveyor main rolls (head, tail, stretch and S wrap) aligned to tolerance
  • The top idler rolls and the return rolls optically aligned for square
  • The 1 belt tail roll would be set for proper elevation above the forming table bottom plate
  • Ensure a proper elevation/level setting between belt conveyors (no core disturbance)
  • Align live roll rolls for square.Helps keeps Board straight for knife delivery.
  • Align the knife for square.Proper alignment can reduce the length of the board being cut thus reducing the cut lengths at the Bundler end saws

To Conclude Service:

  • All service details will be kept confidential
  • Detailed optical alignment report provided
  • Recommendations for continuing equipment alignment improvements and next steps