Gyptech offers a fully scalable automation and controls platform that perfectly complements our machinery with the same attention to quality and detail. Our systems range from simple, highly functional interfaces for stand alone applications, to completely integrated manufacturing automation systems. We provide many advanced and highly developed control options and will work with you to implement a custom solution for your operating needs.

Hardware Platforms

We work with all hardware platforms to ensure that our equipment fits into any pre-existing architecture. Since we design and build our own panels we have full control over quality, design, and testing to ensure that equipment is flawless before it leaves our shop.

Software Architecture

Gyptech controls specialists have extensive experience in many controls platforms and supervisory systems. Our advanced control system architecture is based on a highly integrated, modular and structured approach. It allows for a customized, project specific design, with added flexibility for future enhancement.

Machine Controls

Making it easy for operators to get the maximum performance out of a machine is the primary function of the control system and HMI. Gyptech’s product based recipe technology can automatically coordinate product changeovers, eliminating the need for a shutdown and reducing waste material.

  • Intuitive touchscreen interface
  • Integrated training & help system
  • Alarm, warning and event logging
  • Highly structured programming

Process Analysis and Optimization

Gyptech software provides insights into machine performance to optimize product quality and identify areas of opportunity.   This functionality goes beyond fundamental control of the machine and is essential to an effective automation system.

  • Historical data archiving &  trend analysis
  • Moisture & temperature profiling
  • Board line draw management
  • Thermal set analysis

Maintenance Support Systems

Keeping a plant running at peak performance requires insight, prediction and planning. In addition to rapidly identifying the cause of machine shutdown, Gyptech provides sophisticated analysis to identify changes in normal machine sequences. These tools allow pro-active maintenance activities and assist in preventing breakdowns.

  • Sophisticated motor and sensor diagnostics
  • Operating time and activation cycle monitoring
  • Identifying and alarming device level failures

Business Management Systems

Gyptech has fully leveraged opportunities to collect data directly from the automation system to develop a powerful set of tools to allow our customers to optimize many aspects of running their business. The list of available tools is increasing and includes customized systems developed in conjunction with customers such as integration with corporate computerized manufacturing management systems. This knowledge can only be acquired through the analysis of production data. These tools can include:

  • Production analysis
  • Downtime analysis
  • Raw material usage
  • Inventory management
  • Paper usage analysis
  • Reporting tools
  • Intranet Plant wide data sharing