Gyptech’s industry leading designs are innovative and produce the highest quality output using long board technology at the wet transfer and mini packs at our takeoffs. We supply both low and high speed plants regularly, from line speeds of 9 meters per minute or 30 feet per minute up to 213 meters per minute or 700 feet per minute. Whatever speed you are looking to achieve, Gyptech has a proven solution to fit your needs.

Wet Transfer

  • State of the art Gyptech knife and servo control system running in plants at 700 fpm
  • Electric inverter for smooth controlled operation
  • Servo driven tipple ensures rapid controlled movement for board de-grouping

Take Off

  • From 30 fpm (9mpm) to 700 fpm (213 mpm)
  • World leaders in high speed equipment
  • Long board technology optimizes take off for speed and better quality finished product
  • Bundlers with automatic tape splicing
  • Retrofit bundlers with saws available, designed to replace older magazine style units
  • Stacking
  • Pit stackers or finger stacker designs available
  • Optional dunnage placement
  • Optional label application with finger stacking