• Gyptech designed and manufactured paper splicers operate at speed up to 700 fpm
  • Shaftless roll stands
  • Paper Heaters
  • Paper Creasers with carousel or individual heads
  • Paper alignment systems

Paper Splicers and Roll Stands

Our focus on the wall board industry allows for continued enhancement of our splicers and roll stands. Both are specifically designed to deliver performance for gypsum board manufacturers. The result is extremely precise paper delivery and tension control with minimal downtime. Gyptech splicers implement many proven enhancements including:

  • High performance digital PLC controls
  • Dynamic braking for highly precise speed and tension control
  • Advanced diagnostic tools for fine tuning the splicing process 
  • Rollers designed to improve acceleration and reduce maintenance
  • Splice head sensors to trigger maintenance alarms
  • Externally mounted actuator valves for easy maintenance
  • Shaft mounted encoders replace traditional potentiometer, prone to wear and alignment issue